Thursday, 29 December 2016

What REALLY happened to me in 2016

A month ago I visited a medium. I love that kind of thing and am always intrigued to find out if I’m on the right path. The first thing she said was ‘CONGRATULATIONS!’ in a very loud forceful and 'like she really meant it' kind of way. I laughed. Even telling the story to my friends and family afterwards I laughed. I had nothing to be congratulated for. At 26 and the last of my friends to get married and have a baby (or even get engaged or pregnant for that matter) I really didn’t see why anyone would be congratulating me. She continued ‘when I say this I don’t mean a specific event I mean personally you have grown, moved on and are living a truer life. That not only got me thinking but summed it all up for me too - this year I have achieved a lot.

Being stress free & business

I have found the perfect balance between working hard and not getting to the end of the week physically and mentally exhausted. I have the balance between caring enough but not stressing myself out that my mind can not focus and I can give all aspects of my life the attention they deserve.

I freed up time in my week to work for myself. To take on more photography work and projects. I have had a real personal growth year so have not overworked myself but feel satisfied with the work I have achieved. I invested in mentoring and work friendships to get me moving forwards because business life can be lonely.

I have absolutely loved all of the photography work I have done. From weddings, equine and family photography - I have met the best people and thoroughly enjoyed my work.


I have found hypnotherapy and due to not forcing myself to be overworked in what feels like a competition with the rest of society I am not overthinking or full to the brim with stress. I have my self doubts like everyone does but none of my negative thoughts have stopped me from achieving anything.


I have lost a stone and a half over the last year and tried to inspire others along the way. I dedicated myself to running completing my first ever competitive 10k race. I showed commitment through making time to run by getting up earlier and although never easy to drag yourself out of bed at that time of morning it felt good and was great for my mental wellbeing.


I have lost more relationships than built. People who make no effort, who no longer care for how I am or what I’m up to or no longer have similar priorities or interests. This is hard but life moves on and I’ve freed up space in my life to allow new people in.  

Happiness & Minimalism

I discovered minimalism through The Minimalists this year and trying to fit my always cluttered life into a one bedroom flat for two people has been quite the challenge. I have de-cluttered my wardrobe to one rail with the help of Kon-Mari and slowly but surely each area of my life is becoming less ‘stuff-y’ and more happy! As part of this I’m better with money, I spend only on things I love and bring me joy and make note of my spending to keep me on track.
All-in-all I’m in a much better place than this time last year. I’m healthier, stronger, happier, and have a clearer mind. So I guess congratulations was in order after all.


Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday: Equine Photography Offer

It's here... Black Friday and if you can't beat them join them hey?

Not only am I ticking your Black Friday bargain box, but tick off christmas too! This would be the PERFECT gift for any horse owner. Vouchers will expire at the end of March so you can buy the voucher now and they can arrange the photoshoot in the new year.


I'm giving you a magical 50% OFF an equine portrait voucher.

The voucher includes:

  • A fun, relaxed equine photoshoot for 1 person and 1 horse in Suffolk (lasting approx 1 hour)
  • Final images edited & retouched in the Heels & Horseshoes way
  • Digital download link to download all of your final images
  • Permission to print & share your images to your heart's desire!

Buy the Equine Photography Offer for just £125 (normally £250)

To purchase:
*Send an email to with the subject 'Black Friday' and let me know who you are and who the voucher will be for. You will then learn more about the photoshoot and we can discuss the finer details.

I am genuinely so excited to launch my first offer of the year. I only have a very limited amount of vouchers for you to purchase at this super special price so make sure you don't miss out.

If you've read up to here and you're still a bit 'on the fence' (see what I did there) check out some of my recent equine portrait photoshoots here and if you're not photogenic - please don't let that stop you! My job is to get you relaxed in front of the camera and take beautiful photographs of you, so let me do all the work for you.

Terms & Conditions

*Voucher is for 1 person & 1 horse (extra people and horses can be added at an additional cost)
*Voucher covers up to 40 miles radius of Saxmundham IP17 (35p per mile thereafter).
*A link to the final images will be emailed to you for you to download them
*Vouchers must be used on or by 31st March 2017 failure to do so will forfeit the voucher
*The photography session is to be held at a time and location agreed to by the photographer and is non refundable but can be rescheduled due to weather or illness
*Final images will be decided by the photographer

AND just to really treat you all CLICK HERE to gain access for free to my TOP 5 TIPS: PREPARING YOUR HORSE FOR A PHOTOSHOOT

Can't wait to meet you and your horses soon,

Gemma x

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Sarah, Scrumpy & Zara - Equine Photography Suffolk

I cannot begin to describe how much I loved this equine shoot. Sarah, the horses and I braved the showers which perfectly resulted in pretty skies and gorgeous sunlight. We did a lovely combination of the horses separately and together to show off their personalities. They are mum and son so it's lovely to capture their relationship together. We headed up a beautiful track nearby, found places around the yard and finished up at the ford.

Book your equine shoot: